Exporting high-end quality products from Namibia

Route Namibia Trading has focused on a broad-diversified portfolio of 100% Namibian products with the highest quality available. The products are getting exported to Europe and Asia-Pacific, thereby expanding Namibia´s excellent reputation as one leading country for handmade high-quality production.

We focus on the following export sectors


We offer distinctive high-end products that are of high potential for successful marketing in industrial countries. Especially the strong cultural heritage in the field of leather processing and vast wealth of knowledge in the hand of the artists and manufacturers make the products to unique pieces.






Each and every hand-made product is unique. The passion about manufacturing a product that is both of high quality and cultural tradition can be experienced when getting in touch with our offerings. Be it a smartphone bag or Makalani kernel, all the different colours of Namibian crafts embody the broad diversity of the country´s people.




We are maintaining personal relationships to an exclusive network of miners at the very beginning of the value chain. Tight controls, operated by RNTCC assure fair and humanitarian working conditions. Gems like Tourmalines, Amethysts, Aqua Marines, Berylls (...) from Namibia are renowned among the most qualitative stones on the global market. As we cut out middle men, we increase transparency in the level of fairness of the production process and decrease prices dramatically.





Route Namibia Trading is maintaining personal relationships to a number of highly talented jewellers throughout Namibia. All of these artists contribute a highly individual style. In terms of value for money, their offering excels developed markets like Europe or Asia-Pacific, calling for the establishment of marketing channels and a cross-continental trade.


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