Importing the latest technology from all over the world

We strive for our aim to Connect Namibia by bringing cutting-edge technology to all parts of the country at radically low prices. Hence, our offering is based on the notion of Value for Money. This concept can be described as the idea of providing customers with a maximum of technological value at a minimal expenditure.

To develop a product portfolio which lives up to our vision, we are investing significant effort into scanning the world market for promising and affordable smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Not only do we maintain personal relationships to leading OEMs in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo and throughout whole Germany. We do also employ a team of dedicated Innovation Scouts. Carrying out a sensory function, they are our eyes and ears for identifying innovative technology several months before its first launch on the world market.

In November 2016, we proudly announced the prototype of our first own-developed cutting-edge smartphone: TW Windhoek. This highly innovative device represents our vision at its best. Besides dual sim slots and many other advantages, the device offers an unbreakable screen



These above-mentioned mechanisms enable us to perceive any supply side impulses at a pace which is unrivalled on the African market. Thus, we are constantly updating our product portfolio. Only through this way, we can guarantee it to be diverse, up to date, and tailored to the needs of the Namibian market.  

Given our above-described core competence, we are confident about our position as an optimal supplier to both large-scale telecommunication retailers and small or recently established and growing stores.

We strive for growing together with the Namibian economy and with our clients. This is not possible without trust, and trust cannot develop if a low level of service is provided. Thus, we are proud of our high speed and efficiency when it comes to dealing with customer enquiries of any kind. Not only questions regarding prices and delivery, but also feedback and interest in products which are not yet listed in our catalogue are always welcome.

By delivering this disruptive technology, we actively support the access to internet and world-wide telecommunication of thousands of Namibians in rural areas. Thus, facilitating efficient learning processes and promoting a sustainable long-term growth.

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