Our Vision

National wealth stems from a multitude of factors. One main catalyst for economic development is trade. 

Not only do trade linkages benefit the entrepreneurs who establish them. Much more, access to developed markets is crucial for the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Demand from other regions of the world both enables them to achieve a larger scale of operations and to obtain feedback which allows for improvements in products and processes. 

On a continuous basis, technology is advancing. To realize the maximum possible benefit of new technology for all parties, trade businesses are required to distribute and promote products even in distanced continents, developing markets, and rural areas. 


The team of RNTCC has a strong passion for the country of Namibia. Even though Namibia has achieved impressing economic growth in recent years, a lack of devoted and well-connected entrepreneurs within the nation can be observed. Thus, an enormous potential for boosting prosperity by establishing new trade linkages exists. 

It is the vision of the founders of RNTCC to leverage this potential for the good of the people of Namibia and all further parties involved. In the area of exportation, we promote hand made products of highest quality in collaboration especially with SMEs. In the area of importation, we aim at the establishment of direct linkages from the global centres of innovation in ICT to the Namibian market, simultaneously giving mobile phones into the hands of those who were previously not able to afford them. 


We believe that in joint collaboration with our respected partners, a promising future lies ahead. 

Route Namibia Trading CC is active in other industries of the Namibian economy, as well. To learn more about our diversified business, please check out "Import" and "Export".